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Kody Brown’s Name Removed From Home He Shares With Robyn

In a shocking new Sister Wives update, it is being reported that Kody Brown’s name has been removed from records regarding the home he shares with Robyn Brown.

Furthermore, the reports claim Robyn isn’t even using her married name on the records. Instead, the report claims the property records have the home listed under “Robyn Sullivan,” which is her maiden name.

Naturally, this TLC bombshell has fans scratching their heads and asking a lot of questions. Is Kody Brown gearing up to lose the only wife he has left? Or, could there be another reason at play here?

Keep reading for what details have been made public about this shocking new Sister Wives update.

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Kody Brown’s Name Removed From Home He Shares With Robyn?

It was in a post making rounds on social media that one fan discovered Kody Brown is not listed on the property records anymore. The real question, however, is: Why do they have “Robyn Sullivan” listed on the records?

In response to the thread making rounds on social media, one Sister Wives fan recalled when Robyn Brown first entered the family. At the time, it was discovered that Robyn’s credit was a mess. A man was hired to help fix her credit. The man discovered that she had messy credit across three different last names. While Robyn Brown didn’t deny that to be the case, she clarified she wasn’t intentionally trying to dupe the system.

Kody and Robyn Brown

With this information in mind, fans can’t help but wonder if there is some sort of fraud at play here.

Can she even legally use the name “Robyn Sullivan” on her property records after getting married to Kody and changing her last name? Or, is it possible she never legally had her name changed?

Could His Other Wives Be Coming For Him?

Another fan theory is that Kody Brown’s other wives could be feeling an itchy need to come after him from a legal standpoint.

Because of their untraditional marriage, there was no easy recourse for just splitting marital assets. That, however, might not stop Kody Brown’s previous wives from trying to come after him.

This is especially true for Meri Brown who was once legally married to Kody.

Fans with this theory suspect Kody could have taken his name off of the records to protect the home.

The idea is that his former wives cannot come after the home if he does not technically own it. Being in Robyn’s maiden name, he could also argue he has no martial right to the home either.

Sister Wives - Facebook
Sister Wives – Facebook

Now, there is always the chance that fans are getting their information mixed up and Kody Brown’s name hasn’t actually been removed from property records. But, it does appear as if that’s been the case.

Why do you think Kody and Robyn Brown made this shocking move? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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