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It’s over! very shocking! Sister Wives: Christine Brown Drops Breaking News

Christine Brown was among the first within the Brown family tree to react publicly to news of another pregnancy within the Sister Wives family. As fans know, Christine Brown’s entire heart belongs to her children (as well as the children she has by extension via Kody’s other wives). Her love for her children played a role in the ultimate reason why she decided to break things off and leave Kody.

As Sister Wives fans know, Christine really wasn’t happy in Flagstaff. She wanted to move. Her heart yearned to be closer to her adult children (and her grandbaby Avalon) that didn’t live in Flagstaff. Once it became clear Kody had no intention of the family ever leaving Flagstaff, other aspects of their relationship quickly shattered.

Christine Brown - Instagram
Christine Brown – Instagram

Sister Wives fans were thrilled for Christine Brown when news broke that her daughter Mykelti was pregnant. Things got even more exciting when fans learned Mykelti and Tony Padron were actually having twins. Now, excitement has swelled through the Sister Wives fanbase once more as a second pregnancy in the family has been confirmed.

Considering her love for all of the offspring on the Brown family tree, it is no surprise Christine was one of the first to react to the exciting news.

Christine Brown says she can’t wait following pregnancy news

It was Janelle and Kody Brown’s daughter that announced she and Caleb were pregnant with baby #3. According to her announcement, they were still pretty early in the pregnancy as her due date was estimated to be February of 2023. Her announcement came attached with a photo of Axel and Evie K. wearing big brother and big sister t-shirts. The bombshell just dropped on fans a little over an hour ago and they’ve been going wild in the comments of her post ever since.

Christine Brown - Mylelti Padron Instagram
Christine Brown – Mylelti Padron Instagram

Christine Brown joined fans and celebrated in the comments of the post about this exciting news. “Can’t wait for another grandbaby!” She penned in a comment that was liked nearly 100 times in just an hour.

The fact that Janelle and Christine Brown appear to have grown closer since Christine made the decision to split from Kody hasn’t gone unnoticed by fans. In fact, many fans suspect Janelle may be the next to leave Kody because she sees how great and freeing being single looks on Christine. Moreover, fans believe Kody Brown all but admitted during the tell-all that he was only in love with Robyn at this point in his life. He, however, couldn’t leave any of his wives of his own volution because of his beliefs. Kody clarified, however, that his wives could leave any time they wanted to.


Like Christine, Ysabel Brown also reacted to the exciting news. She, however, kept her reaction very simple by just liking the post to acknowledge it.

As fans know, this exciting pregnancy news follows just on the heels of confirmation that Sister Wives Season 17 is not only happening but it has a premiere date of September 11th.

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