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Janelle’s Bombshell Humiliates Robyn? It will shock you!!

For years, Kody Brown and his four wives sat for the Tell All sessions. Much like the One-on-One, after each season, it served as the grand finale of the show. But that drastically changed, and probably for a very good reason.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Gets Her Chance

This season’s One-on-One seemed so different from the rest. Likely because fans suggested they created it with no holes barred. For years, the Sister Wives ladies remained cordial when talking about one or more of their co-wives.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Janelle Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

While Kody Brown popped off some zingers in the past, this season he seemed to take it to a new level. Plus, the wives stopped being guarded when speaking about one another.

Even the Sister Wives editing seemed to take a hiatus from pulling out anything negative or hurtful.

Perhaps the biggest bombshell came from Janelle this season. From the beginning, Sister Wives fans considered Janelle more like Kody’s buddy. Janelle, as well as Kody and the other wives, presented their relationship that way.

Robyn In Brown’s Knocked Out of Place in Pecking Order?

In the eyes of Sister Wives fans, Robyn Brown was at the top of Kody Brown’s list from the very beginning. The way he followed her around, swooning over her, was a clue for the Sister Wives fans to his infatuation.

Janelle Brown was Kody’s pal, and all the wives stayed mum about bedroom antics. So, fans assumed Robyn Brown got the majority of the lovemaking action from the shared husband.

But after more than a decade of believing this, fans got a shocker from Janelle Brown. As viewers looked at Robyn Brown as Kody’s favorite in and out of the bedroom. But now it sounds like fans were ill-informed.

Janelle told Sukanya Krishnan that she and Kody were pretty good in the bedroom department. Before that, she dropped another hint by saying she missed her shared husband in her bed. So, Robyn wasn’t all that special, or at least not the way the fans assumed.

Sister Wives: Did Robyn Know?

Viewers learned from Meri Brown that Kody asked her to keep their non-functional marriage quiet. He didn’t want the public to know they weren’t functioning as man and wife.

This blew up in his face when he blurted it out to Sukanya on the One-on-One because he mortified Meri. She had kept it quiet. So instead of making a statement together, he took it upon himself to share it first, and now she’s peeved. Likely, he hasn’t heard the end of this yet from her.

So, keeping secrets from the camera seems right up his alley. Janelle Brown said she never shared their healthy intimate life because that’s not who she is. She’s a private person.

That would work out great for Kody to keep that image going for Robyn Brown that she’s the one who moves the Earth for him. But now with Janelle sharing this intimate part of their relationship, it likely stunned Robyn.

Did Janelle’s Reveal Shock Robyn?

Robyn Brown seemed fixated on Kody’s self-sabotaging his relationship with her on the last Sister Wives episode. He said he told her he thought about taking on a lover, which would upset almost any wife.

She said this after Janelle let it be known that she did just fine in the bedroom with Kody Brown.  So, now she knows the sacred act of lovemaking might not be all that sacred to her husband.


Fans assume that after Robyn learned about Janelle and Kody’s intimate life together, this might have left Robyn a bit humiliated. That’s because it looked like she lived under the impression, as did Sister Wives fans, that she was everything to Kody.

So, it looks like Janelle Brown dispelled one gigantic myth about Kody and his youngest wife. So, if Robyn thought that she had the corner on the shared husband in the bedroom, it sounds like she recently learned she was wrong on the TLC series.

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