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Meri’s Battle Revs Up Despite Her Denial?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown recently reached out to the fans of her TLC series to defend her newest venture by denying she copied anyone’s work. But despite that denial, the battle begins.

Some critics suggest that the accusations about this not being her original work will likely lead to the failure of Meri’s new gig. Others suggest she out-priced her new service for the average person to join.

They believe that could cause it to go belly-up. But still, those who followed Meri Brown for some time now, believe she can make her latest creation a success.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Gets Pro-Active

Meri Brown became proactive with “Worthy Up,” a movement that wants its members to feel their worth. Long before her launch date, a new book emerged by a bestselling author, Jamie Kern Lima, titled, “Worthy”.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

The book also sounds like a self-help venue to guide people to realize their worth. When the Sister Wives celebrity first learned the name of this book, she became concerned. The now-published book and her new venue have the word, worthy, as the main theme.

So, Meri Brown worried she would be accused of swiping someone else’s work and calling it her own. But that’s not the case, Meri said, in a post last week. She wants her Sister Wives fans to know that Worthy Up is all Meri Brown.

Meri Recalls the Dawning of Worthy Up

Meri Brown is very familiar with the author of the book and her previous work. She read another book Lima penned a while back and was inspired by what she learned. The name of the Sister Wives celeb’s new movement, Worthy Up, sounds similar to Lima’s book, Worthy.

But Meri assures her fans this is purely coincidental. The book came to her attention even before it went into print. Meri preordered a copy for herself. Even the topic sounds familiar to the Sister Wives star’s topic.

But Meri said the concept of her movement, and the title, were born when she was on a trip to the mountains a couple of years back. So, when first learning about the book, she wrestled with changing the title.

But because her title encompassed everything within this new movement, she decided to keep it. That said, the battle she hoped to stave off, may have already started today.

Sister Wives: Copying Accusations Pop-Up

Meri, who calls Worthy Up a “movement” offers three different levels for a yearly membership. The price for these life-coaching services ranges from $150 to $600. But the price tags didn’t sit well with Sister Wives fans.

Many suggested she didn’t price it for the average person, as discussed in another Sister Wive’s article. But the problem today concerns the name and the concept of Worthy Up sounding a bit too similar to the new book, Worthy, which is penned by someone else.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown
Sister Wives | Instagram

Already, critics predict Meri’s Worthy Up movement will wind up a failure. They suggest people won’t see this as her original work and walk away. But she’s adamant that it is all hers. It all came to her before she heard of the book that carries a similar name to this new life coaching business.

Meri Brown became proactive and explained the similarities, even before anyone said a thing. Despite this, headlines still emerged pointing the finger and suggesting the TLC star copied her idea from someone else. But this is Meri Brown, and her die-hard fans suggest this TLC celebrity will prevail, despite the naysayers predicting otherwise.

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