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Brown Surname Rejected! Christine Brown Officially Changes Her Name Mrs. Woolley!

christine brown wedding special confessional

Christine Brown is now officially Mrs. Woolley!

Six months after the Sister Wives star wed David Woolley, she decided to take her husband’s last name.

Christine announced the news on Tuesday during one of her regular “car confessions” in her Instagram Story.

The 51-year-old mom of six recorded herself from inside her car telling her fans the good news.

“Car confessions!” Christine began. “You know, it is amazing what you can get appointments for and get them done so fast.”

“Drivers license changes, name changes, and everything… it was so easy. The driver’s license appointment was so easy… it was amazing!” she continued.

Sister Wives star Christine Brown says it was ‘so easy’ changing her last name

Christine continued to gush over the ease of making appointments, receiving texts, and checking in online, calling the process “so efficient.”

The TLC star shared that both appointments – changing her surname and getting a new driver’s license – only took her a total of “10 minutes in and out the door.”

Sister Wives fans have been wondering if and when Christine would drop her ex-husband Kody Brown’s last name and take David Woolley’s.

Christine explains why she waited to change her surname to Woolley

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight in November 2023, Christine shared that she planned on changing her name legally to Christine Woolley, but in the public eye and on social media, she would still go by Christine Brown.

“Just because I’ve been Christine Brown for 14 years, you know?” Christine told the outlet.

Earlier this year, Christine discussed the topic of changing her last name to Woolley once again.

This time, speaking with PEOPLE, Christine revealed why there was a delay in doing so.

“I like the idea of having the last name Woolley,” Christine explained. “I haven’t done it yet because I have to change my passport, too, and we’re in the middle of traveling.”

As Christine shared, because she and David had upcoming plans to travel and she needed her passport, she was holding off until there was a window of time where she didn’t have to worry about the logistics of it all.

“It’s just a matter of timing, and that’s the only reason why it hasn’t been done,” she added. “I don’t know, but I like the idea of just being a Woolley.”

So what does David think of Christine still using Kody Brown’s last name in public?

David weighs in on Christine going by the last name Brown

David told PEOPLE that he’s not bothered by his wife’s decision to go by Christine Brown.

“I know who she is. I’m not insecure,” David told the publication. “She’s my wife.”

Christine and David became husband and wife on October 7, 2023, in a lavish ceremony in Moab, Utah.

The marriage is the first legal one for Christine and David’s second. Christine was spiritually married to Kody from 1994 until their split in 2021, and David was previously married to his late wife, Margaret, for over 20 years.

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