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Meri Brown Hints She’s Writing Book On Her Life

Meri Brown Sister Wives TLC UK YouTube

Sister Wives star Meri Brown hinted that she might write a look about her life. In 2020, she cryptically posted a quote about writing a book that could help others survive. Naturally, TLC fans thought that she hinted about her own book. Now, her followers believe that she gave a huge hint that it is really happening. Read on to find out why.

Meri Brown Drops Hints About A Book

Last year, the TLC star shared a photo of herself holding up a book, and the text overlay said, “There is so much more to the story – Meri Brown.” Actually, her followers have been pleading for a book for a long time. So, they remain hopeful about the cryptic messages. In fact, on Reddit, some fans even suggested a tell-all outline and what they wanted to read about.

Sister Wives Meri Brown Instagram
Sister Wives star Meri Brown – Photo Credit: @therealmeribrown Instagram

Other fans of Meri Brown think that her tell-all book is well-advanced. They felt that during the Tell-All for Season 18 of Sister Wives, the TLC star hinted again about her life in the works. That came when Kody Brown’s former wife said, “Oh, my voice will be heard. I will no longer be silent.” Some of them even suggested titles for the book, like “If It’s Brown, Flush it Down.”

Sister Wives Star Answered Questions, Hints A Book?

On her social media, Kody’s former first wife has been answering questions, and in Part 2, she answered a question that she couldn’t really answer. The questioner asked the TLC star, “What happened to Meri, the sister wife?” Well, she said:

What happened to us? It’s like Waldo. Well, Meri was a sister wife and she divorced and now she’s not a sister wife. I don’t understand that question. I’ve had a lot of life experiences. so are they asking about all my life experiences? Like that would take a book.

As she said that, Meri Brown looked straight at the camera and winked.

Meri Brown Winks After Talking About A Book - Instagram
Meri Brown Winks After Talking About A Book – Instagram

In the Instagram comments of the Q&A by Meri Brown, Sister Wives fans picked up on the big wink. Here’s what they thought:

  • Hoping for a real book with all the good stuff!!! Meri, you always tell it like it is! So happy you are doing well!
  • I cannot wait for your book!!!
  • Omg the wink. A book is coming, I feel it in my bones!
  • If ANYONE should write a book, it should be you Meri. #WorthyUp.
  • Can’t wait to read that 😉

What are your thoughts? Do you think that wink at the end of her talking about a book is a serious hint that she might really be writing one? If she does, will you buy one about the TLC star?

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