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Ava Leaks Natalia’s Disparaging Remarks About Gay People to the Press — and Then She Makes a Threat Against Sonny!

Ava Leaks Natalia’s Disparaging Remarks About Gay People to the Press — and Then She Makes a Threat Against Sonny!

Ava is pleased GH

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At Kristina’s place, Blaze searches for her phone and finally finds it. Blaze can’t stay for breakfast as she needs to get to the Deception office before her mom starts playing hardball with her contract again.

At Aurora, Nina can’t believe Drew didn’t approve her budget for Paris Fashion Week, but he refuses to pay to send her entire staff. Alexis interrupts, looking for Nina, who she was told was here. Drew comments, “She’s always in here!” Alexis says she needs to speak to Nina, but Nina says she’s busy and reminds Alexis that she’s her boss. Alexis chimes, “Not anymore!”

Nina upset Drew GH

Alexis says she quits. Nina points out that they have a contract. Alexis says they don’t, as she never had one with Shawn because they never needed one, and she didn’t bother to tell Nina in case a situation like this came up. Alexis says she has her law license back, and Nina is glad as they won’t have to argue anymore, saying arguing is what Alexis was born to do. Nina decides to go give Adrien the editor-in-chief job and departs.

Alexis quits GH

Drew tells Alexis that she should be proud of reframing The Invader into a true and respectable paper. He also thanks Alexis for cutting Nina down to size, saying it was the most fun he’s had all week.

Drew big fin GH

Later, Jordan arrives. She just got back from some business in Washington, and heard rumors he is running for Congress. Drew says he was going to make the announcement on July Fourth, and he’s just waiting on his name change to Quartermaine to go through to print up some signs. Jordan asks if he plans to win. Drew does, so she supports him as his opponent, Chelsea Grimes, shouldn’t even be considered a candidate. She calls the woman a terror, power-obsessed, and a waste of a seat. She advises he needs to start campaigning now, signs or no signs.

JOrdan and Drew talk GH

Nina interrupts again, saying she has a new budget for herself, two editors and two photographers. She quickly apologizes when she sees Jordan and realizes Drew’s clearly in a meeting. Jordan says she was just leaving and wishes Congressman Quartermaine good luck. once alone, Nina says, “Congressman Quartermaine?” Drew approves her new budget for Paris, and says the Quartermaine name will pull more weight in the upcoming race. Nina tells Drew she will go all in to get him elected, and The Invader will support him at the most opportune time. She knows what she’s doing and even would offer to be his campaign manager. Drew asks, “Why would you help me?” Nina says they have been getting along well lately, and Willow adores him. Plus, she believes in him. She notes he’s also a vastly better candidate than his opponent, and if he’s to win, he’ll need all the help he can get.

Nina helps Drew GH

At Deception, Maxie, Scott and Lucy go over the next addendum to Blaze’s contract. Maxie says most of the work will fall on Lois. Lucy hopes Lois doesn’t screw it up. On cue, Lois arrives.

Lois and Lucy GH

Lois passes on the message that Brook Lynn won’t be joining them today. Lucy asks what is more important than her job? Lois says she has other issues she has to handle. Maxie asks how Lois’ in store appearances have been going. Lois beams that they’ve been going great, and a woman actually told her how proud she should be of Blaze, as she thought she was her mother.

NAtalia and Blaze GH

Natalia appears, not feeling the idea that Lois could be mistaken for her. Blaze arrives, and she, too, jokes how people also ask her if Lois is her mother given they are joint faces of Deception. Lucy says they are both great faces for Deception, and it was one of her better ideas to appoint them both. Maxie moans,” Because who knows where we’d be without Lucy and her ideas,” and Scott concurs. Maxie says, fortunately, Lois is a good salesperson, and they are lucky to have her.

MAxie upset GH

Natalia interrupts, saying they are here to finalize her daughter’s contract. They sit down, and Maxie says the new Crimson campaign with Blaze has worked out well, and both Blaze and Lois reach different audiences. Maxie is happy to approve the latest addendum, and Lucy calls this the fourth time they’ve had to please Blaze’s mommy. Natalia won’t apologize for looking out for her daughter, and Blaze says her mother has always had her best interests at heart. Scott hands Natalia the new version of the contract. She looks over it and says, “No, this is awful, this is not what we agreed to!”

NAtalia objects GHAt the Metro Court pool, Sonny brings Avery to swim. She runs to see Joss, and Sonny speaks to Gio about how things are at the Quartermaines. Gio says it’s working out great, and Joss and Trina are moving into an apartment on the grounds.

Sonny at the pool GH

Sonny then speaks to Joss, and thanks her for looking after Gio. She says he’s nice and asks what Sonny wants. Sonny would like her not to talk to Gio about him. Joss says she hasn’t shared her opinions with Gio as she knows he adores him, and she won’t. She regrets trying to open Kristina’s eyes to him, and she won’t make the same mistake twice. If Gio discovers the truth about him, it will be because of something Sonny did.

Joss and Sonny GH

Trina stops by Ava’s room in The Metro Court with proofs for the new gallery exhibit opening. Ava says they have to be redone as Harriet is very particular and won’t like the borders. Trina asks if there is anything else she can do for her. Ava asks Trina if she can tell her everything Joss has confided in her about Sonny.

Ava begs for help GH

Trina says she doesn’t keep tabs on Sonny. Ava assumes she’s had to have heard something she can use as Sonny is going to go for custody of Avery. She begs Trina to just listen to Joss and pass on anything she says about Sonny, as she can’t let Sonny take her baby. Trina explains Joss never talks about Sonny. Trina says she actually avoids the subject and has never given her details about Sonny. Ava says if she thinks of anything to let her know, as any bit helps.

Trina can't help GH

Trina heads out, and Adrian arrives, hoping this visit is worth the hype Ava made it out to be. Ava asks what he knows about Natalia Ramirez. He only knows she’s the mother of that popstar, Blaze. Ava calls her controlling, manipulative, and very politically incorrect. She asks if he got the audio file she sent him. Adrian got the file, but hadn’t been able to listen to it. He plays it, and it’s the recording of Natalia’s disparaging remarks about Blaze, Kristina and gay people in general.

Dewitt and Ava GH

Ava says he can use the audio as he sees fit but leave her name out of it. Adrian notes that Blaze is the face of Deception, which prides itself on being environmentally friendly and socially aware. He says this is going to the press immediately now that Alexis is out at the paper.

Adrian and Ava GH

Trina arrives at the pool and talks to Joss. She says she just left Ava’s room, and Ava made her very uncomfortable because she thinks Sonny’s going to go for full custody. Joss says she actually thinks Avery is better off with Sonny. Trina says Ava is dear to her, but lately, she’s acting like the Ava that Spencer talked about. Joss warns her that if they go to family court, it will be ugly.

Trina and Joss GH

Gio next chats with Trina, who she shows the proofs for the gallery opening. Gio is surprised his name is on it, so he assumes Trina did that. She did, and he says he feels lucky to have met so many great people in town. Gio gets back to work.

Trina and Gio GH

Ava turns up at the pool and sees Avery with Sonny. Joss asks Gio for help, and they head over to Sonny, Ava and Avery. Joss says ice cream is being served downstairs and Gio offers to take Avery for some. They head out with Ava’s approval. Ava tells Sonny she was watching him and Avery from her hotel balcony, and Avery is becoming a strong swimmer. Sonny tells Ava he showed her the door as he doesn’t want to see her face anywhere, or ever.

Ava threatens Sonny GH

Ava says she simply saw him and Avery, and she came to say hello, and there is no harm in that. She also warns Sonny if he even thinks of taking her daughter from her, it will go worse for him than he can imagine. Sonny asks if that is a threat. Ava says it’s a promise, and he forgets who she is and what she’s capable of. She will do whatever she has to do to make sure Avery stays with her. Ava warns him his history with the law is worse than hers, and he can’t afford the trouble she can make.

Alexis shows up at Kristina’s and tells her about quitting the paper, and gloating to Nina how she never had a contract. Kristina feels sorry for the paper as her mother was an asset to it. Alexis says now Nina has the gossip rag she’s always wanted. Kristina goes to get them some alcohol-free mimosas to celebrate. Alexis then sees the resumes on the table.

Alexis and Kristina GH

Kristina returns with the drinks and they toast. Alexis asks about the resumes, and Kristina explains she’s looking for someone to step up and run the center while she’s on maternity leave. Kristina says some of these people are far more qualified than her, but Alexis says she is the driving force behind that center. Kristina can’t believe the center is finally opening just as she has to take a leave of absence. Alexis asks her daughter what she isn’t saying. Kristina knows she’ll be away from the center to give birth to a baby that was never meant to be hers. She is going on maternity leave, and she’s just the surrogate, not the mother. Kristina gets teary and says her hormones have her questioning whether this is her baby or Molly and TJ’s, and her body doesn’t know the difference. Kristina wonders what will happen to her when TJ and Molly take the baby. Will the baby even know who she is? She can’t stop thinking about what she is supposed to do. She thinks she’s expected to just bounce back after six weeks and go to work like nothing happened.

KRistina and Alexis GH

Alexis is also fighting back the tears and says nobody expects that from her. Kristina cries as she gets closer to her due date that she realizes it’s not hers, but TJ and Molly’s due date. Alexis says it is her due date. Kristina admits she’s spinning out and knows her mom warned her of this, and she doesn’t want to disappoint her. Alexis hugs her and says she is so proud of her.

Alexis comforts Kristina GH

Alexis tells her that she is doing a generous thing for her sister and TJ, and her center is another generous act, and she has a big heart. Kristina says that’s because she’s been loved and accepted by her family. She thinks about Alison’s relationship with her mother, and she’s been able to do what she does because her parents have accepted her and let her be herself. Alexis says who she is, is fabulous.

Back in the Deception office, Maxie’s phone begins pinging as Lucy and Scott ask Natalia what the problem is now. Natalie never agreed to video interviews. Scott and Lucy say it’s the digital age, so this comes with the territory. As Maxie’s phone keeps going off wildly, she explains it’s because it’s set to alert her when Deception is in the news. Natalia gets annoyed by the pings, which Maxie says will likely calm down. They continue going over the contract as Maxie’s phone continues to ping. Maxie goes to turn it off but sees the article about Natalia and Blaze, which also names Deception in the headline. Maxie blurts out, “Oh my God!” She then looks straight at Natalie.

MAxie and the messages GH

On the next General Hospital: Blaze angrily says, “Tell us how you really feel!” Maxie tells Natalia that she and Blaze need to get with the program or kick rocks. Ava tells someone over the phone they can’t be seen coming to her door. Alexis tells Adrian to make the whole thing go away. Sonny tells someone there is a target on their back.

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