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General Hospital’s Nancy Lee Grahn Cops to a ‘Sick Crush’ — and We Don’t Blame Her a Bit

General Hospital’s Nancy Lee Grahn Cops to a ‘Sick Crush’ — and We Don’t Blame Her a Bit

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Nothing quite compares to the crushes we had as teenagers. We aren’t talking about the run of the mill crushes, though, that we might have had on classmates or friends. No, we’re talking about celebrity crushes like singers, movie stars or General Hospital actors. You know the ones: People we were just so obsessed with, we’d plaster our walls with posters and flip through magazines reading everything we could about them.


The thing is, as we’ve grown up, we’ve probably all come to realize that crushes aren’t just for teens. Take Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) for instance. Her daughter, Kate, no longer lives at home — and hasn’t for a little while — but like many parents, Grahn’s kept her daughter’s room just the way she left it, heartthrob posters and all.

And while yes, we’re sure she keeps it that way to make sure Kate always feels at home when she comes back to visit mom and all, after a recent Instagram post, we have a feeling there’s another reason why Grahn keeps one particular poster up. Because she and her daughter both share a crush for the man on it, Harry Styles!

Harry Styles on stage for Harry Styles in Concert on the NBC Today Show, Rockefeller Center Today Show Plaza, New York, NY February 26, 2020. Photo By: Kristin Callahan/Everett Collection

“This poster of Harry Styles is still hanging in Kate’s bedroom even though she moved out four years ago,” Grahn writes on her post. “I left it up because I too have a sick crush on Harry Styles.” Oh, well, that’s cute! How sick is that crush? “Kate knows that I will fight her for him,” Grahn continued. “Game on.”

Ah. Ok, slightly less cute crush and a bit more Hunger Games fight for survival. But hey, we can’t blame either of them. All we can say is: May the best woman win!

Then again, we mean absolutely no offense to Grahn, but we have a feeling Kate may have a bit of a leg up in the competition. But that’s because she and Harry already have quite a bit in common since they’re both musicians. Plus, Kate wrote a song about the musician called “Not My Style.” If that doesn’t get his attention, we don’t know what will!

And honestly, Grahn may talk a big game, but we have a feeling she’d gracefully bow out of the competition if Kate caught the former One Direction singer’s eye. Because Alexis’ portrayer is most definitely a supportive mom. She wrapped the post up by cheering on her daughter, “If you love Harry Styles, have a listen to Kate’s song.” (Which you can hear above!)

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