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General Hospital Spoilers: The Dream Is Broken, Steve Morgan CONFIRMS

General Hospital Spoilers: The Dream Is Broken, Steve Morgan CONFIRMS

General Hospital spoilers - Jason-Carly

GH fandom could not keep calm when General Hospital spoilers confirmed the return of Jason Morgan. Even since Steve Burton reappeared as Jason Morgan fans have been waiting with bated breaths to see a romantic reunion between him and Carly. However, unfortunately, it seems like that is not on the cards anymore.

Actor Steve Burton recently appeared on an episode of The Daily Drama Podcast, There, Bradford Anderson (Damian Spinelli) asked him if Jason will try to win Carly back for a renewed romance. General Hospital spoilers reveal that to everyone’s shock , Steve shot down the idea.

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General Hospital spoilers
GH/ Steve and Bradford on the Daily Drama podcast

“I don’t think that’s the way they’re gonna go,” he divulged. Although it is true that Steve can’t be completely sure about it. Since in the end, the writing team and the makers could decide to go either way. But Bradford pointed that it is perhaps not a priority in terms of story telling.

General Hospital spoilers recall that Jason and Carly had a sparkly romance and even a wedding when Sonny was presumed dead. The story twist was purely circumstantial. And now, with Sonny right there, it really does not seem likely that Jason would try to romance Carly.

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General Hospital Spoilers - Jason - Sonny-Carly
GH/ Jason chooses friendship over romance

As of now, his priority remains to get back on Sonny’s good side and regain their old bond. Meanwhile, also keeping his friendship with Carly. And none of that is possible if he starts an affair with her. But hey, it is a soap after all, and nothing is impossible!

So even though Steve doesn’t see it happening right now, doesn’t mean it cannot happen in the future.

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