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[Spoiler] Crashes Johnny and Chanel’s Honeymoon — and Thomas Steals Something Konstantin Will Definitely Notice

[Spoiler] Crashes Johnny and Chanel’s Honeymoon — and Thomas Steals Something Konstantin Will Definitely Notice

In Konstantin's room, Thomas smiles while holding the temple card

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In a hospital room, Paulina works on her laptop and phone as she undergoes her radioactive iodine treatment. Wearing a hazmat suit, Sarah enters, passing along a homemade card from Abe. It reads, “I love you.”

In a hospital gown, Paulina sits at a desk in her hospital room. she looks up at Sarah who wears a hazmat suit

At the Kiriakis mansion, Konstantin tells Maggie his visa is expiring, so he must leave the country. Maggie insists there must be another way for him to stay. He muses the only option he has is marriage. Maggie thinks that could send up a red flag and offers to have her lawyers look into it.

Xander enters the Kiriakis living room with Victoria. Maggie congratulates him on the charges being dropped. When Konstantin calls him a lucky man, Xander coldly states luck had nothing to do with it. He is innocent. Having overheard Konstantin’s woes, he snarkily offers to drive him to the airport.

In the Kiriakis mansion, Xander tightly holds Victoria, who is engulfed in a blanket. Looking past Maggie, he glowers at Konstantin.

Holding a glass of wine in the Kiriakis hallway, Julie bemoans all the chaos and messy children in the house. Thomas barrels through, knocking her wine out of her hand. He apologizes as Chad joins them, explaining they are playing hide and go seek. Chad and Julie discuss how on top of each other they are in the mansion and the cold front moving in.

Johnny and Chanel return from a hike at the Horton cabin. He pours them wine which leads to reminiscing about their time in Italy. He surprises her with their favorite dinner. After they eat, Johnny runs into the cold for twigs to roast s’mores with. Chanel rejects his dirty sticks and pulls out metal skewers she found.

In the Horton cabin, Johnny holds up two twigs. With her arms crossed and shoulders hunched, Chanel side-eyes them

In the hospital lobby, Sarah lets Abe use her tablet to video chat with Paulina. Paulina answers while finishing up a text and bemoaning the backlog of work she has. Abe urges her to take it easy, but Paulina notes EJ’s called a press conference tomorrow with no notice to her office. She disconnects with Abe so she can call him. She leaves EJ message that they need to discuss several issues.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie defends Konstantin’s interest in staying in Salem. Xander speculates the criminal syndicate in Greece has made it clear he can’t go back. Maggie knows Konstantin will be able to return when the time is right. Konstantin appreciates her and hopes to one day take her there. Xander notes she might not have time to travel since she’s considering going back to work at Titan.

When Maggie steps out for a teething ring for Victoria, she runs into Julie. Frazzled, Julie says she loves family life, but she’s got to get out of the house. She’ll leave Doug (who is sleeping) a note and will be back sometime tomorrow. She doesn’t know where she’s going, but she’ll have a lovely time!

Maggie returns to the living room with the teething ring, and Chad passes through, looking for a hiding Thomas. Xander stops him to talk about work. When Maggie and Konstantin leave to take an evening stroll, Chad detects Xander’s scowl.

Xander shares his plans with Chad to be a bigger presence at the paper now that he’s a free man. He even has a story for him — finding out who framed him. Chad thinks it could be a great series for the paper. When Xander brings up Stefan’s arrest, Chad says he’s staying out of his family drama, but if Xander wants to tackle it, go nuts. Chad informs him of EJ’s press conference. He agrees to send him the details before leaving to search for Thomas.

At a hospital room desk, Paulina looks at her laptop

After Paulina video chats with Chanel, she gets a text message. Upon reading it, she exclaims, “That isn’t going to work for me at all!” When Abe later reconnects with Paulina, she tells him he overstepped by contacting McPherson. However, she’s glad he did because her mind is foggy from the treatment. But mostly, she’s tired of being separated from him.

Abe tells Paulina of the snowstorm forecasted, which should be over Smith Island in a few hours. Since that’s where Johnny and Chanel are, Paulina wonders if they should come home. Abe thinks the safest place for them right now is cuddled up in front of the fire. He promises to take care of the plants at home and offers to download magazines for her. Paulina thanks him for being her person and for taking such good care of her. He loves her to the stars and back.

Thomas grows bored hiding in a room at the Kiriakis mansion. He rifles through drawers and finds Konstantin’s temple card. He hides it behind his back when Chad comes in. Thomas takes the card with him as Chad ushers him out.

From behind him on the Horton Cabin couch, Chanel drapes over Johnny's bare shoulders. He stares ahead with a sheepish smile. She smirks, looking the other way

As Konstantin and Maggie sit on the park bench, he waxes poetic about Salem being perfect for him. If his time there is short, he’d like to make the most of it. He asks her to dance.

As they make out on the couch in the cabin, Chanel pulls off Johnny’s shirt. Julie stumbles in, and the marrieds jump up screaming. Johnny puts his shirt on as Julie realizes this is their honeymoon. She starts to leave, but they tell her she can’t because of the snow. She promises to stay out of their way and put in earplugs.

Xander brings Victoria to meet Sarah at the Pub. Seething over Konstantin, he says something was more off than usual. Plus, he doesn’t like Konstantin anywhere near Victoria. Sarah validates his feelings, but points out nothing has happened since Maggie paid off Konstantin’s debts. Xander knows the Greek mafia doesn’t just go away.

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