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Mike Berk’s new wife, Tatiana, shares candid pictures from their beautiful wedding

Mike Berk, an IT support technician and volunteer firefighter from New York, made his debut as a cast member in the 90-Day Fiancé franchise during the fifth season of Before the 90 Days. On the show, he was this nerdy guy who lacked dating and relationship experience. He flew to Colombia to meet his younger Latina girlfriend, Ximena, whom he had met online.

In classic 90-Day Fiancé fashion, the American man fell in love with his younger Colombian girlfriend, showered her with money and gifts, and even proposed to her. Unfortunately, their love was not mutual. Ximena didn’t even like Mike and was using him for money all along. She treated their relationship as a transaction: if Mike sent her money, she would do what he asked, and if not, she would ignore him for days, go back to working as a cam girl during the day, and then go out clubbing with her friends at night without a care. In the end, Mike visited Colombia one more time to get closure, but the couple ended up exchanging hurtful words and were left with lingering feelings of resentment and sadness.

In February 2023, Mike Berk soft launched his new girlfriend on his Instagram stories without showing her face. By the end of March 2024, the pair were already engaged, and Mike posted another cuddly picture showing off his new fiancé. However, he didn’t hide her face this time as in previous social media posts. The internet detectives used Mike’s social media post to reverse-engineer the picture with the fiancée’s face and managed to find her identity from her personal social media profiles.

Mike Berk’s new partner is Tatiana Giraldo, a single mother of two from Colombia who lives in Miami and works as a hand model and nail technician. The couple got married sometime in the last two weeks but kept their wedding a secret from the 90 Day Fiancé fans until now for obvious reasons.

Mike Berk kept his wedding low-key, only posting a single Instagram story to announce that he’s now a married man. In contrast, his wife Tatiana shared three slideshow posts on her TikTok, featuring dozens of pictures from their big day. The couple looked lovely and happy, and friends and family shared their joy during the wedding ceremony. They also had a spontaneous photo shoot in a beautiful park near the water.

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