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Jasmine takes off her wedding ring and claims she made Gino cry before leaving him

Many 90-Day Fiancé fans grew weary of watching Jasmine Pineda and Gino Palazzolo on their favorite reality TV show because the couple’s storyline became repetitive and predictable. Unfortunately, fans will have to endure watching the couple one more time, as reliable sources confirmed that they will feature in the upcoming season of 90 Day: The Last Resort.

Jasmine Pineda is 39 years old and has had a lot of work done on her body. She also has two children from her prior marriage whom she abandoned, and it would make no sense for her to have a kid with Gino at this point in her life. When she was in Panama, she promised Gino that she would have a kid with him; however, she broke her promise after he brought her to the United States. Gino may not be every woman’s dream, but it’s clear that Jasmine is a con artist who used him to fulfill her dreams.

Fans who follow Jasmine on social media may notice that she never wears her wedding ring. Furthermore, her posts’ captions and background music often center around self-improvement or breakups. In a recent TikTok post, Jasmine claimed that Gino only made her cry during their relationship. However, after she broke up with him, it was Gino who was left crying.
There are many possible reasons why Jasmine and Gino continue to be together as a fake couple on reality TV, even if they are no longer together in real life. It will not be the first or last time people stage their relationships on reality television for fame or other personal motives. Jasmine is a self-centered psycho who is willing to do anything for fame, while Gino may be experiencing a midlife crisis and just going along with the plan without a clear idea of what he wants to achieve.

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