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Debbie Aguero & Ruben The Cuban Have Split (Their Shocking Online Feud Revealed)

Debbie Aguero and her 90 Day The Single Life boyfriend Ruben The Cuban AKA Ruben Sanchez have become enemies after the show. Here’s what happened.

  •  Debbie’s whirlwind romance with Ruben ended after she found out about his behavior on a dating app behind her back.
  •  Ruben asked for $100k on GoFundMe, sparking concerns about his intentions and credibility among fans of 90 Day Fiancé.
  •  Ruben and Debbie engaged in a bitter online feud, with accusations of cyberstalking and harassment flying back and forth.

90 Day: The Single Life star Debbie Aguero’s whirlwind romance with her Ruben the Cuban, AKA Ruben Sanchez, has ended, and not in a good way. Debbie is a 67-year-old artist, poet, and jewelry shop owner from Sugar Hill, Georgia. She was a part of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 4 with Oussama Berber from Morocco, 24. Debbie and Oussama’s 43-year age difference was the biggest gap the franchise had ever seen. Debbie moved to Morocco on the show to marry Oussama but claimed his real intentions were to take advantage of her for a green card.

Debbie came back to the U.S. but was scared of revealing her real age while using dating apps. She lied about being 57 years old to find a match. Debbie’s son, Julian B. Lin, who had been worried about her safety during her relationship with Oussama, became extra cautious during Debbie’s new dating adventures. Debbie went to meet a man called Russ on 90 Day: The Single Life season 4 who accepted Debbie’s age despite her lying to him, but drew the line when it came to her having a 24-year-old ex-boyfriend. Along came Ruben who surprisingly matched Debbie’s wavelength.

Debbie’s 90 Day: The Single Life Storyline With Ruben

How Did Debbie Meet Ruben?

Debbie Ruben In 90 Day Fiance Single Life in split image from season 4

Debbie’s love interest Russ made Debbie feel hurt because he called her after their date and mocked her about her relationship with Oussama. Debbie had thought Russ accepted her for who she was. That relationship fizzled out fast. However, Debbie did not give up on love, and she had “already met somebody.” Debbie said she had been talking to Ruben every day for two weeks. She thought “Ruben the Cuban from Miami” sounded romantic and Ruben had the “exotic flair” that Debbie was looking for. He was age-appropriate, liked to travel, and was like her spirit animal.

“The more we talk, the more I feel drawn to you and how we just connect really well.”

Ruben wanted to take their online connection to the “personal world” and invited Debbie to Miami. Debbie admitted she was “drawn” to Ruben, but she told him she was an amateur at dating. Ruben insisted that the “Sugar Hill Debbie-licious” could meet “Ruben the Groovin’ Cuban” in Miami, so he could take her on a tour of the Cuban culture in his city. Debbie was excited by the element of romance, but she didn’t want to repeat what happened with Oussama since she had met Ruben online. Meanwhile, Julian was concerned that Debbie was rushing into this romance.

Were Debbie & Ruben Together In The Single Life Tell All?

Debbie Exposed Ruben For Cheating On Her

90 Day: The Single Life [Miss Debbie Meets Ruben’s Dad On Their 2nd Date] (Clip)

Debbie and Ruben were a great match with their eccentric styles and colorful ensembles, even though Debbie commented that Ruben was “comedy” and “overkill.” Things went downhill once Julian met Ruben and told him about Debbie’s past with Oussama and how she was still financially supporting his family in Morocco. Ruben was not aware that Debbie was dating a 24-year-old before him. Meanwhile, Julian also had his own suspicions about Ruben’s criminal record and his mode of income. Debbie and Ruben met directly at the Tell All after her Miami sojourn.

Debbie was disappointed that Ruben did not try to meet her before the Tell All. She also tried to expose him by revealing she’d seen him on the same dating app where they’d met long after their dates. Ruben insisted he was never “exclusive” with Debbie, in his defense. Meanwhile, Debbie didn’t forget to mention that Ruben’s preferred age range on the app was 30-50, while Debbie was two decades over Ruben’s age preference. Still, Ruben and Debbie decided to date exclusively during the Tell All. Debbie was happy that she was leaving the reunion with a “boyfriend.”

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